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Posted:  24 Jul 2012 13:03
I recently posted this at another site:

MFM ? Very erotic,I first experienced it as the "other guy" A friend told me that he and his wife wanted her and I to fuck.Just the thought of knowing his shy wife was going to fuck me in front of her husband was a big turn on.Beforehand I didn't think about being in the same room with another naked guy,not to mention that he'd masturbate and take pictures and shoot video of his wife and I.It could have made me uncomfortable,it started to,but the sheer naughtiness of the scenario was incredibly hot.

I spent a long weekend with them and eventually he joined in.It felt odd for a bit to be on the same bed with another hard cock but his wife's transIformation into a ravenous slut became the only thing I could focus on.

Having her hold a cock in each hand.....move her mouth from one to the other,my cock in her pussy fucking her from behind while she took her husband in her mouth...All of it,but nothing is burned into my memory as indelibly as the sensation of having her ride my large thick shaft and feeling her husband slip his smaller more slender penis into her asshole,feeling the pressure against my cock through the thin wall separating her vagina and rectum...There's few sensations more wicked than that,if you haven't experienced it yet,try to....you won't regret it.

During the weekend the husband bashfully said he wanted to lick his wife's clit from underneath while I fucked her from behind,it didn't happen,it would have if I'd made the next move...all this being somewhat new and different for me I didn't know a lot about HW's and sharing that I learned later.I didn't pick up on the idea that he wanted me to be more dominate.Hell I was just glad to be fucking his wife...

At one point I remember telling him to get a close up picture of my cock sliding into his wife's pussy from behind,he did...a real nice zoomed in shot,you can she her wetness glistening on my shaft.In retrospect,if I'd pulled it out and told him to reach down,grab my cock and guide it into his wife's pussy he would have.
Posted:  24 Jul 2012 13:34
Wow Hammer, Very Hot story! Me and the wife need to start hanging out with you!
Posted:  24 Jul 2012 13:53
wow! that is such a hot story; thanks for sharing.   it amazing how fast you become comfortable with a situation that is initially way out of your comfort zone when a horny cock sucking slut is begging for it.
Posted:  25 Jul 2012 10:21
IT Heart pounding stuff to watch ur wife take a bigger cock...not to mention seeing and hearing her pleasure from a wet shaft ..I can relate to his feelings and emotions the adrenaline rush is Over powering..
Posted:  25 Jul 2012 20:31
mco cpl:  "IT Heart pounding stuff to watch ur wife take a bigger cock...not to mention seeing and hearing her pleasure from a wet shaft ..I can relate to his feelings and emotions the adrenaline rush is Over powering.."

hammerwind:  Reading mco cpl's comments really got to me,thinking about what was going through his mind as his wife and I had sex in their master bedroom,his thoughts as he shot this picture.Her hands with wedding ring visible grabbing my ass pulling me deeper....

Posted:  29 Jul 2012 09:28
Hammer....Its the best sex loved seeing her take all 9 inches of him balls deep just as u are in this pic seeing his ass tighten as he pumped his 1st load deep in her ... she was so turned on at times I don't think she knew I was in the room...Its a Huge Turn on to be part of the Fun.
Posted:  04 Aug 2012 09:30
That old phrase a picture is worth a thousand words,is never more true than when looking at pictures a husband shot of you and his wife.

He shot many pics of his wife and I fucking during our meetings,some in their downstaiirs family room while their kids were upstairs sleeping,some in a hotel,but the best are the pictures of me taking his wife in their master bedroom when we had their house to ourselves....I look at those pics knowing they go to bed every night on the bed I fucked his wife on.

Every single shot gives me some wickedly nasty insight into what must have been going through his mind seeing the transformation of his wife as she gave herself to me.
Posted:  04 Aug 2012 13:54
Man Hammer! Would love to see that pussy full of hot cum!
Posted:  11 Aug 2012 21:11
Great little shared experience you had. I believe it was a maybe even better shared experience from his wife's perspective. And her hubby felt really good and wanted to record for fond memories sake you fucking his wife.
There probably future times he enjoys and she enjoys you fucking her.

Posted:  16 Aug 2013 14:59
My first time with another guys wife.
I was 17 (under age) at a local hotel in Sydney back in the 60's, it was a stinking hot day, I was chatting to the barmaid with another older guy late 30's early 40's I did not know between her serving customers, the barmaid had a few buttons undone and was showing a bit of boob and the conversation was a bit raunchy and my cock was getting meaty, I went for a piss, as I was pissing the guy I was talking to came in and went to the stall next to me, he made a point of looking at my cock and said "nice cock, bet my wife would like some of that", I did not know what to make of it so I zipped up and returned to the bar.
As the barmaid got busier the guy and I were doing more and more talking and he eventually asked me if I was interested in meeting his wife, I was a bit puzzled and weary that it might become sort of a trap, but I as horny as all get out, so I said "yes", we went to the pay phone in the bottle shop where he rang his wife, I could hear some of the conversation and it seamed legit and above board to me so we went to his car and went to his place.
When we arrived his wife met us at the door in a brunch coat and it looked as if she had just got out of the shower, after some small talk he said to his wife "show Rick around the house", she took my hand and we went from the kitchen where we were to the lounge room and then down the hall to the bedroom where she said "this is the room we are after" we went into a clinch and cuddle and the rest was history, as we were fucking I looked up and seen her husband in thr door way watching us.
That went on for over a year, he would watch but never joined in, I was still visiting them when I met my wife to be!
I often wonder if that experience had a bearing on my later choice of wanting my wife to be involved in swinging and threesomes? No I just think I would have been a horny old bugger any way!
Posted:  20 Aug 2013 10:38
I would love to find some new friends to get my wife shared with them .I have shared my wife in the past and enjoyed watching.
Roger white
Posted:  06 Feb 2014 14:23
It very hot and erotic when sharing the wife with another man. It so hot to see the sexual lust and passion she shows as the other guy fucks her.

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